Cardinal Rule for being Lykeeble: Smile!

So you’re invited to a party. It’s the wedding of your sister’s friend’s cousin’s niece. You hardly know anyone but your sister. The invitation is addressed to your sister, saying “We have reserved 2 seats for you and a friend.” What do you do? The easy answer is… don’t go! Just kidding. Your sister insists that you go or she’ll post a naked picture of you when you were 5, eating something brown, smothered all over your face.

Here’s how you prepare. Dress nicely. Make sure not to forget your belt, zipper zipped, remove that price tag on your shirt, and most importantly, don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile. Tt gives the impression that you’re happy to be here, full of confidence, open to conversations, and, of course, Lykeeble.

Once, when I was with my cousin shooting hoops, he wondered why people we come across – strangers, acquaintances, or friends – looks at me and greets me more often than him. I told him, it’s because I smile. It’s automatic. People’s reaction to me is quite… magical, really. I instantly get comfortable with people regardless if it’s the first time I met them or if they’re a long lost friend. It’s like there’s an instant rapport between us. To people who’re ready to mingle… take a note of this.

How do you smile? Is this really a question, you ask. Yes, it is. There is a proper way to make it genuine, or at least look genuine. Smile with teeth exposed and show the wrinkles beside your eyes, if you already have it. Don’t be embarrassed to show wrinkles. If you wear a half-sincere smile: lips tucked together and doesn’t pull the the eyes to the sides – you get a half-sincere warmth. People will sometimes even think you are giving a sarcastic smile.

Never forget the Cardinal Rule of being Lykeeble. As the late William Arthur Ward said, “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” Regardless of where you are or what language people around you speak, people will recognize your likability when you smile. Never leave home without wearing your smile. It’s the best accessory you can ever wear. Never goes out of fashion. Makes you look good even if worn together with your mom jeans. And it’s free.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward

Smile right now. Even if it feels foolish. Even if you’re having a bad day. It is said that even just the act smiling regardless if you are having a bad day alleviates the spirit. Body language plays a huge role in how you feel. Try faking a smile when you feel down and I assure you, you will feel at least even a tiny relief.


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